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I’m A Nasty Woman

Nina Donovan, a teen from Tennessee, wrote the poem “Nasty Woman” that Ashley Judd recited at the Women’s March on Washington DC. I have listened to Judd’s recitation at least 20 times and I’m still not done. It’s powerful… I had to post for anyone who happens to come by my blog.

November is Native American Heritage Month, and to celebrate, here’s a list of books by Native authors. Native Americans have a rich and varied cultural history and outlook. It would be nice for our ESL students to walk away from a reading class with a deeper understanding of Native Americans than what they might see […]

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Why Do So Many People Pretend to Be Native American?


Russell Cobb | This Land Press | August 2014 | 16 minutes (3,976 words)

This Land PressFor this week’s Longreads Member Pick, we are thrilled to share a brand new essay from Oklahoma’s This Land Press, just published in their August 2014 issue. This Land has been featured on Longreads often in the past—you can support them here.
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